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Wearables devices with an innovative eCall system and GPS tracking capabilities to alert your loved ones in case of need (lost, geofences, accidents…)

PlanetUs keeps you in contact with everyone and every thing that really matters to you

Magic devices to look after “your world”

Every PlanetUs device allows you to look after your loved ones at all times, and to be automatically informed if anything ever happens to them, your best friend (whether a cat or a dog…) or even your bike or any other valuable item.

PlanetUs devices are the smartest way to locate people, pets or valueable items. From one single app, you’ll be able to take control over all what really matters to you.


Download the free app

  • Available for Android & iOS
  • Freemium and premiun suscription
Adapted to every user

For kids and grands. You always will know where and how they are. With fall warning specially for the elderly. Also, there is the freemiun app Family and Friends from your smartphone to conect whoever you want.


Whether if it’s a cat or a dog, small or big, we have a special device for it. Look after your best friend!


You can choose between two different versions to look after your bike. It includes movement and falling detector. Let Pbike to become your personal bodyguard, your perfect companion!


Secure your most valuable stuff . A expensive laptop, a gorgeus handbag, suitcase… anything, anytime, anywhere.


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