PlanetUs, quiénes somos
PlanetUs se fundó con un único propósito, la seguridad. Todo surgió en base a una experiencia traumática del CEO con su hijo.
PlanetUs, quiénes somos, padres, hijos, bike lovers, comienzo, riesgos, retos,
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About Us

We are parents, sons, friends, bike lovers…


We believe is always possible to find better and simpler ways to get things done, a better use of our time
We also believe that innovation is a great way to achieve it, and technology a great way to innovate


One day, we asked ourselves why not to find a better way to be close to our loved ones, to look after them at all times whatever the distance… that they PlanetUs was born

PlanetUs is the result of the best professionals in the development of electronic consumer products, software and industrial design.

The beginning of all…

…  The origins of the idea date back to March 2013 when my 3 years old son got lost for almost an hour in a mall close to our house.

After freaking out for several days, I was telling the story to a few friends, we all agree that it had to be something to avoid these situations. Some people however, claim that they didn’t want just another locator, they wanted a solution to help them to know when something was going wrong, an accident, a fall into the swimming pool… and also to allow their kids to tell them if they need help.

The problem was that there wasn’t anything like that, at least nothing wearable, lightweight, comfy and affordable.

So, that’s how we started.

After that, we realized that there’re a lot of people with similar problems, not only children, the population of elderly people is growing year after year, unfortunately many of them living alone (exposed to many potential risks), and an increasing percentage with some kind of dementia.

Of course, there are many other uses, pets, valuable stuff, bikes…

Javier, June 29th 2015
A worried dad (and son!) looking for solutions

Risks and Challenges with the Future in our Hands


When we first wrote down all the sophisticated features that we wanted to be part of our device, we felt the fear of not being able to accomplish our task, we got to understand what “risk” really means, however we accepted the challenge!


No doubt, it was risky designing a wearable so full of technical innovations and micro-sized electronics, something so new that there was no road map or blueprint for us to go. We were alone.

At that time we knew a few things about technology, apps and management but unfortunately we did not know much about crowdfunding… because of that, and because we really believed in our idea and the team behind it, we invested all our savings in developing the first and only eCall device for people.

Our biggest challenge is to build today the wearables of tomorrow, and make your world a safer place.